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Work from Home Protection

Protergo WORK FROM HOME PROTECTION is an Endpoint (mobile phone and laptop) Management solution
that gives protection and control over your
organization’s corporate devices by enabling
secure access to the apps and data in it. Protergo
WORK FROM HOME PROTECTION offers support for Android,
iOS, Windows (PC and Phone), macOS, and tvOS

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How does it work Protergo Work From Home ?

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Installs agent into employee's devices, BYOD or corporate devices to protect against emerging threats and prevent security issue

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Offers services that include the remote monitoring of the workforce


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    Understand where your employees are

    Locate device GPS to solve stolen or lost devices

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    Control of the activities Remote view

    and control help admins troubleshoot the devices remotely.

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    Restrict functionalities

    Selectively restrict device functionalities (e.g., USB, websites, ...)

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    Install/ Remove software remotely

    Provision, deploy and manage mobile applications

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    Ensure compliance

    Check and enforce compliance across the entire device fleet.

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    Basic security in place

    Block unwanted URLs with Web Content Filtering.


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Pay for your ransom

Protergo will pay your ransom if you get infected by a malware and virus

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Improve speed

Do not rely on signatures and can detect the threats as they arise in real-time

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Reduce costs

Avoid that your system suffer of downtime in case of ransomware

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Fully integrated SOC

Enable your security operation team to protect your infrastructure from any attack and threat.



  • Starter Package Benefit :
  • Location Tracking
  • Location History
  • Password Policy
  • Basic Device Scan


  • All benefit from starter package, plus :
  • Remote Control
  • Advanced Mobile Data Management
  • Audit Report


  • All benefit from Professional Package, plus :
  • Advanced Restrictions - Windows, Mac
  • Local user management
  • Mobile Threat Management



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