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Mobile Device Protection

The #1 Mobile Threat Defense Solution
from PROTERGO that protects mobile devices from attacks and threats.

Secure. Work. Prevent.

email protection

Email Scan

Check if your email account has been compromised in a Data Breach.

SENTINEL Mobile Device Features

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Secure - System

SENTINEL will check your device security system such as password, pin, or any other authentication required to unlock the device.

protergo next generation anti virus

Safe Web

SENTINEL will help you secure and blocks access from malicious, spam, phishing, bad domains or any unwanted sites by using our VPN.

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Secure - Firmware Update

SENTINEL will check the current firmware from your phone if it's updated to the latest version.

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Prevent - Missing Device

Track your device location in case of a missing device, and SENTINEL will show you the exact location of your last logged in.

penetration testing


Click Scan and SENTINEL will scan all installed apps in your device that potentially contain malware, phishing, virus and protects you from it.

penetration testing


Get a full list of breached report from email breach check feature. You can change the password if it's there.

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