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Remote Desktop

Protergo’s Remote Desktop service is a virtual desktop cloud solution.

With this virtual desktop solution the client don’t have to use regular PC desktop. Client only need one server that will be integrates all desktop component and access it using a mini PC (Thin client)

This desktop virtualization solution assures a great user experience, and software / hardware / peripheral comparable to PC.

How does it work Protergo Remote Desktop ?

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VDS ( Virtual Desktop Server)

VDS server integrates all desktop cloud components (server virtualization, storage virtualization, desktop virtualization), so as to achieve delivery of one-stop solution.

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Thin Client

An ideal desktop cloud terminal which is plug and play, not only providing consistent access experience as traditional PC, but also guaranteeing security. At the same time, terminal management has been greatly simplified and become centralized by utilizing virtual desktop control platform VDC


  • Application Virtualization

    Protergo Remote Desktop provides constant, secure access to business systems for branches, traveling employees or remote workers, taking organizations to the next level of productivity by enabling restriction and control of data storage on local devices, supplying secure, authenticated and 24/7 access to business-critical applications.

  • Management & Security

    Protergo Remote Desktop security and management functions go well beyond those of a traditional secure web gateway, providing centralized management which allows for advanced data protection and security risk visibility as well as reducing the risk of potential cyber-attack, downtime or other financial loss by providing easy & fast endpoint policy settings and flexible administrator access in different levels, groups and scenarios.

  • Brings You All Levels of GPU Power

    While providing customers with extreme user experience, it helps them realize a virtual pool of GPU resources, and more effectively allocate and manage hardware resources.



Rapid Deployment: Shorten desktop cloud deployment time by 80%. Deploy 100 VMs in just 5 mins..


High Availability: Provide uninterrupted desktop services via HA desktop architecture. High Reliability: Data is in reliable storage to avoid the risk of data loss caused by disk/host failure.


Total Security: Provide end-to-end security mechanisms to ensure overall security of desktop cloud platform. Audit: All document export & screenshots can be auditted.

Reduce Cost

No need to buy expensive PC desktop, only need one server that will be integrates all desktop component and access it using a mini PC (Thin client)



  • Top features :
  • Server VDS-5050 (8 core and 128G RAM)
  • 25 thin client
  • Windows 10 Home
  • Office360


  • Top features :
  • Server VDS-6550 (10 core and 160G RAM)
  • 50 thin client
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Microsoft office 2019


  • Top features :
  • Server VDS-8050 (16 core and 256G RAM)
  • 100 thin client
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Microsoft office 2019


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