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Why Penetration Testing is important?

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment will guide the next action to fix IT systems improvement. With Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment banks companies can discover their own weaknesses on IT systems, so they can take action to protect it before someone malicious can get access to those systems.

Protergo differentiates itself for Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment across 3 main dimensions:

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First in Indonesia to use MITRE attack framework for all our Penetration Testing engagement. First in South-East asia to have a partnership with OWASP foundation.

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All our penetration testers are professionally certified to execute penetration testing. We use OSCP, CEH and Red-Teaming professionals.

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Track Record

Over 30 + banks and financial institutions have been penetration tested by Protergo over the year.


  • Pre-attack

    Spend time upfront to discuss the attack scenarios

  • Scanning and Reconnaissance

    Getting to know the target using passive methods like researching publicly available information and network scanning.

  • Threat Modeling

    A description or model of all the security concerns and why they should be resolved.

  • Vulnerability Analysis

    Identifying vulnerabilities and determining their severity.

  • Exploitation

    Gaining access by breaching security of a system or finding an bug to exploit in the software.

  • Post-Exploitation Reporting

    Detailing the vulnerabilities found and providing information on potential impact on the company if exploited.


Protect from financial damage.

A simple breach of the security system may cause millions of dollars of damage. Penetration testing can protect your organization from such damages.

Helps to evaluate security investment.

Penetration testing helps take a picture of the current security posture and an opportunity to identify potential breach points.

Test your security devices.

The effectiveness of your protection devices like IDS, IPS or WAF can also be tested during a penetration test.

Build trust.

If company schedules a penetration test regularly and takes necessary actions towards security, it will help professionals build trust and confidence in the organization.


While we are focusing on solving Human Resource of the businesses, their owners can have more time and focus on their core responsibilities.


$5Per Person, Per Month
  • Top features :
  • Phone, Web, Email
  • 5X8
  • Self Service Portal
  • Unrestricted Knowledge Base Access


$10Per Person, Per Month
  • Top features :
  • Phone, Web, Email
  • 24X7X365
  • Self Service Portal
  • Unrestricted Knowledge Base Access


$15Per Person, Per Month
  • Top features :
  • Phone, Web, Email
  • 24X7X365
  • Self Service Portal
  • Unrestricted Knowledge Base Access
  • Designated Account Manager
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