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Email Protection

Protergo Email Protection protects email from malware to keep your corporate protected from information stealer.
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Protergo Email Protection

Protergo Email Protection installs an appliance connected to your email servers

How does it work Protergo Email Protection ?

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Behavioral AI engines track all processes and thier interrelationships regardless of how long they are active. When malicious activities are detected, the agent responds automatically at machine speed. Our Behavioral AI can detect file based malware,scripts,weapon ized documents,lateral movement,file-lessmalware,and even zero-days

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Penetration Testing

Automated EDR provides rich for ensic data and can mitigate threats automatically, perform network isolation, and auto-immunize the endpoints against newly discovered threats. As a final safety measure,we can event rollback an endpoint to its pre-infected state.


Protergo Email Protection helps you secure and control inbound and outbound email. With Email Protection, you can protect your people, data, and brand from today's threats such as:

  • Detect Threats At All Stages

  • Phishing

  • Malware

  • Spam

  • Bulk mail


Pay for your ransom

Protergo will pay your ransom if you get infected by a malware and virus

Improve speed

Do not rely on signatures and can detect the threats as they arise in real-time

Reduce costs

Avoid that your system suffer of downtime in case of ransomware

Fully integrated SOC

Enable your security operation team to protect your infrastructure from any attack and threat.



  • The benefit from Starter Package :
  • 24x7 emergency inbox to provide users email access when the normal mail environment is unavailable
  • Instant replay to send (or resend) messages to your messaging server for 30 days
  • Email spooling and failover


  • All benefit from starter package, plus :
  • Advanced Email Filtering, Control and Visibility
  • Email Threat Protection


  • All benefit from Professional Package, plus: :
  • Increased Email Fraud and Consumer Phishing Protection
  • 360 Degree Email Fraud Protection
  • Partner with Proofpoint Professional Services
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