Protergo Webinar Collaboration with Data Center Indonesia DCI

In this modernized, technological era, there are still countless companies in Indonesia from different sectors and industries, who have not prioritized cybersecurity, nor were they aware of the many cyberattack occurrence within the country.

Seeing this phenomenon, in this webinar event, Protergo collaborated with DCI to explain their joined effort in improving the security of the data center industry in Indonesia. This webinar focused on discussing the importance of cybersecurity in the data center business, and what DCI as the data center leader in Indonesia has done in order to keep their client’s data safe and protected from existing threats.

The speakers for this webinar were Mr. Lukas Adrian as Head of Transformation and Automation from DCI, Mr. Ervin Taufik as NOC Manager from DCI, and Mr. Faiz Wirananda as Cybersecurity Account Manager from Protergo.

This webinar started with a discussion on the automation initiative within DCI’s infrastructure, its benefits, and its relevance to cybersecurity. Then continued with the discussion of cybersecurity efforts – both physical and systemic, that have been implemented by the company to protect their digital systems.

To support this effort, DCI collaborated with Protergo in forming a Blue team and a Red team assigned to assess and protect their digital system. The Blue team at DCI has implemented the next-generation antivirus, threat hunter, and Security Operation Center (by AlienVault) to perform operational security 24/7. On the other hand, the Red team is tasked with conducting vulnerability scans and penetration testing of DCI’s IT infrastructure.

This makes them the first and only data center in Indonesia that has implemented a blue team and a red team in the digital data security system.

This webinar event was also attended by numerous other companies and organizations, ranging from the financial sector, banking and insurance companies, BUMN, commerce, and many others. By arranging this event, DCI and Protergo both hoped to inspire other companies to follow in their steps, and encouraging others to take further action to commit to protecting the Indonesian citizen’s and company’s data

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