Fruit Giant Dole Suffers Ransomware Attack Impacting Operations

Dole Food Company, a leading provider of fresh fruits and vegetables, is currently dealing with a ransomware attack that has affected its operations. The company has stated that the impact is limited, but leaked information from a Texan grocery store suggests that the attack has forced Dole to shut down production plants in North America and halt shipments to grocery stores. Customers have been reporting shortages of prepackaged Dole salads on store shelves for over a week now, indicating that the attack may have caused the shortage.

In response to the attack, Dole has engaged third-party experts to help with remediation and security. The company has also informed law enforcement authorities of the incident. It is unclear when the attack occurred, and Dole has not provided further details beyond its public statement. BleepingComputer has attempted to contact Dole for more information, but the company declined to comment.

As the company investigates the scope of the incident, it may implement its crisis management protocol, including the “Manual Backup Program,” to resume operations manually. While this may enable the company to continue production and shipments, it will likely be at a slower pace. The impact of the ransomware attack on Dole’s revenue and workforce remains to be seen, but the company’s response to the incident and the security measures it takes moving forward will be crucial in mitigating any potential damage to its reputation and operations.

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