Flights cancelled over a ransomware attack on an airline

Indian low-cost airline SpiceJet was forced to cancel several flights, leaving hundreds stranded at the airport.

The airline announced it suffered from a ransomware attack on the official company’s account, claiming that the incident impacted SpiceJet’s flight operations.

“While our IT team has to a large extent contained and rectified the situation, this has had a cascading effect on our flights leading to delays,” reads the company’s message.

SpiceJet is an Indian low-cost airline with over 14 thousand employees. The airline operates over 600 daily flights and has over 100 airplanes.

According to SpiceJet’s statements, the company tried to reschedule some of the flights, much to the dismay of its passengers, some of whom demanded a refund for the undesired rescheduling.

Others weren’t so ‘lucky’ and had their flights completely terminated due to the attack’s impact on the company’s night operations.

“Some flights to airports where there are restrictions on night operations have been canceled. SpiceJet is in touch with experts and cybercrime authorities on the issue,” SpiceJet posted.

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