BSSN Admits Site Hacked by Defaced Attack

Spokesman for the National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN), Anton Setiawan admitted that his website had been hacked this morning. According to him, there is no data concerning the public interest has been affected from the hack.

“Yes, that’s right, there is no (public data). Only malware data for research purposes,” Anton said when confirmed, Monday (25/10)

Previously, the site with the web address at was reported to have been hacked on Monday (25/10). Hackers use deface attacks or change the appearance of the website.

However, based on the tweet of the Twitter account @son1x777, the BSSN site has been hit by a deface attack since Wednesday (20/10).

In this case, the hacker named himself as theMx0nday. He wrote that the hack was carried out to avenge the perpetrators suspected of being from Indonesia who hacked the Brazilian state website.

He mentioned that the BSSN team is currently working on recovering the hacked site. He detailed that the site contains malware respository data collected by his party.

According to him, there are no other penetration efforts made by hackers other than deface the website display.

“Currently the handling of the site has been carried out by the BSSN CSIRT team,” he explained.

In the screenshot of the circulating BSSN page, there is an inscription “NSA da indonesia pwenetada KKKKKKKKKKKK sonx was here 3:) this deface is a response to lamers from Indonesia who hacked brazilian site”.

When accessed by at around 17.26 WIB, the site has not fully recovered. However, the defacement performed by hackers is no longer visible.

The site is not yet reachable. In the current screen display, it is written that the IP address of the server could not be found.


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