About Us

Protect Indonesians from cyber threats

Who We are

We are the Leading Blue Team (Defense) and Red Team (Attack) cyber-security company in Indonesia. Founded by an experience team of cyber-security expert and fully incorporated in Indonesia.

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Why we are Different

  • Deep understanding of cyber-security in Indonesia. The 1st one to publish a cyber-security report.

  • International know-how with Indonesian roots.

  • Innovation as our core value.

Blue Team - Defence

Protergo can help business that have deployed or are considering deploying c-soc to bridge the skill and resource gap, in order to enhance threat detection capabilities and reduce the budgetary and operational challenges of managing cyber security in-house.

Red Team - Offense

Protergo provide simulated attack and help business and organization to prevent and avoid the real-world attack

What we do

what is protergo doing about the current situation?

Our software is trusted by over 5,000 client all over the world

Our Certifications

The Blue Team

The Red Team